Thursday, June 14, 2018

Man, Its getting hot out there.

I do not know where you are from but where I am it is SUMMER!  We are in the 90's almost everyday now.  I know there are some of you are laughing at that temperature.  That is hot to me.  It doesn't take long at that temp for me to feel the effects.  The most noticeable thing to me is that I don't have much fun when it is hot.  I just don't like to be hot. I am writing this with my feelings towards the heat in mind.

What can we do to stay cooler in the heat?  I am not talking about going inside to the AC.  I like air conditioning as well as anyone.  There are times that we cant get inside so what do we do?

Drink water! 
Clear, clean, no additives high quality H2O.  Not soda, not sports drinks, not the flavor packages, just water.  I drink over three liters a day when its not hot.  That means I need way over that to stay at the same level that I am a custom too.

Wear a hat
I like to wear a light weight, light colored floppy hat with a wide brim.  There are tons of different company's that make them.  I have a few different ones but in the heat i find I like a lighter weight one than a mil spec one.

Do Not Over Do It!
There is a time and a place for everything.  I know that there are times when you have to work hard.  What I am saying it to try to pace yourself.  Take frequent breaks and try to move to a shaded area when ever you can.

Stay safe this season.  Get prepared before you go outside.  Watch the ones around you to make sure they are doing ok too.

Thanks for reading this and as always

Lets Get Ready!!!

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