Monday, January 15, 2018

Buuurrrrrrrr, Its cold out there

I went out in the woods this weekend.  It was a great time.  The temperatures were in the low 20's.
We were not to far off the beaten path but still had a few challenges to overcome. 
There were plenty of coats, hats and gloves.  Everyone there had a hat and gloves.  The food was never ending.  Almost everyone slept warm (it was not from lack of sleeping bags).  No ones vehicle broke down.  No was was hurt.  The kids even started their fire with flint and steel.

Sounds like a great weekend.  It was wonderful!  We left with around 20 young men and a few old farts for a weekend of cold weather fun.  We had a great time.  Some of the group went on a 2 mile hike and some went on a 10 mile hike.  everyone made it back safe and sound.  Sunday we had a religious time and headed home.  Kids were happy and warm.  The adults were glad to be home and ready to hear the kids start to tell about their adventures.  I was another successful weekend trip.

What makes this fit into a preparedness blog? 

Everything went smooth because everyone was prepared for the weather and the activity's.  We had already thought of what we would need and what could happen.  We planned ahead.

As you start this new year out with you new ideas on life try to plan for a little more than last year.  Get out and do a little more skills practice and learn something new.

I hope you have a great year!!!

Lets get ready!!!

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Shot Show 2018

We are just a few weeks away from Shot Show 2018.

We are geared up and ready to go meet with company's.  We are hoping to get connected with more of the "cool kids".  We are ready to offer you more of the items you need and want.
This trip also gets us excited about things we have forgotten and all kinds of new products, skills we want to perfect and new relationships in the industry.

We want to be you go to place for all things outdoors.  If you want something that we dont have on our site please let us know.  We can get it!

Hope you are having a good year so far.  look for us and "Spork" on Facebook and twitter.

Lets get ready!!!

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Are you really ready?

Howdy all!

I am sitting here in a hospital room waiting for surgery.  I have been trapped here for a week.  I am here for a basic “happens to everyone “ thing.   Appendicitis.  It has me thinking of my family and my readiness.  What can I do to be ready for something like this?  Many people say “get a dr in your circl”.  Sounds like a great idea.  What I see wrong with it that they are already few and far between.  Now you want to find one with the prepper mindset.  Good luck!

Not have any luck so far I have decided to get better training and step up my medical preparedness.  This is not a replacement for finding that prepper Dr.  This is something I can do.  You can do it too.

Get out there and find training!  (I can help you find training)

Once you learn something new than its time to get the supplies to use those skills.   This will not only help you later but can help you now!

Let’s get Ready!!!
NWA Prepper