Monday, July 30, 2018

The real face time

The real face time. 
You know what the Face time app is.  That is most definitely not what I am talking about.  I am talking about good old fashioned face to face communication.

Meeting people in person is great.  You can see, hear and feel what they are trying to share with you.  You get perceptions about who they really are.  This is very hard to do online.  (sounds funny coming from an online blogger).
 In the area of safety and security it makes more sense to meet in person.  It is too easy to get info from your social media.  They can learn things about you that you may not know about yourself yet.  Patterns,places you go, your friends, your work place and more.  If you are in a personal meeting you can chose what you share.  If you don't want to be Fred then you can say your "Barney".

With all that said it is important to meet other people.  You can learn from others.  You can help and get help from others.  You can teach others.  We need other people to be a success.  We are tribe animals for the most part.

Get out there and look for and meet like minded people.  They are not going to knock on your door and say "Hi, I'm here to help you".  You have to be looking for them.

Look for meetings on self reliance,  homesteading, survival, or prepping in your area.  They are out there.  This last weekend I went to a meet and greet for the Arkansas Preparedness Network.  They had a good showing and good facilitators.  They had a pot luck lunch.  (YUMMY!)  They have information on how to get involved.  They were also roaming the crowd trying to help the shy ones make connections.  It was good.  Events happened and there was need to move from the initial area to a new area due to the meeting going longer than anticipated.  What a great problem!  People wanting to stay and network longer than you plan is a great thing.  The move from one area to the other was seamless.  Everyone pitched into pack and store the food and move the other items to the new meeting spot across the park. It was like a mini bug out drill.  It even helped open the group up a bit and increase the conversation.

These types of events happen all over the place.  You can find them.  You SHOULD fine them.  Get out there and get with others that want to be ready for emergency too.

Lets get ready!!!