Monday, March 19, 2018

Is it time to "Armor up"?

Is it time to armor up?

Is today the day you will need some sort of protection from a firearm?   Who knows when a crazy person will want to hurt people.  Bad people are EVERYWHERE!  They are looking for opportunity to destroy people. 

I feel that there are times that I wish I had a layer of protection with me.  There are tons of products for this purpose.  There are times that I have a tactical plate carrier with a first aid kit, flashlight and other items with me.  there are other times that I have a soft armor vest.  Believe it or not there are even times that I don't have any armor option with me.  I am thinking about fixing that.  I have found a few of the backpacks that have armor inside them.  The look like a regular back pack and don't weigh much more.

I like it so far.  It gives me an option for safety in my office and as I walk around town.  That makes me happy.

I hope you are always looking on ways to improve your readiness.

"Lets Get Ready!!!"